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In 1990, Charles Ekstam began research that led to the development of the first and only Fuel Air Separation System for diesel engines. On March 15, 1993, the first system was sold. It was trademarked Fuel Preporator®.

In 2002, the AirDog® trademark was coined for the pick-up truck system. With the intense popularity of the trademark, it is now used on all of PureFlow’s Fuel Air Separation Systems. The Raptor® trademark followed shortly thereafter for the pick-up truck fuel pump line.

Additionally, the new 4G-HD Industrial Pump product line will fall under the umbrella of the AirDog® trademark.

In the fall of 2009, W.A.P. of Shelbyville, Indiana, entered into a non-exclusive Manufacturing and Sales Agreement with PureFlow® Technologies and an Intellectual Property License Agreement with Charles Ekstam, the Inventor. W.A.P. formed PureFlow AirDog®, Inc., and now manufactures and markets the AirDog® and Raptor® product line for pick-up trucks under the corporate name of PureFlow AirDog®.

Fast-forward to present day, and PureFlow® Technologies, Inc., in their 33,500 square foot manufacturing facility and employing a strong network of strategic partners, produces the highest-quality product line of fuel air separation systems and fuel pumps, shipping to distributors and dealers throughout the United States and beyond!