What to Do if Your AirDog Pump Quits

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When you have the PureFlow™ AirDog diesel fuel system for your diesel engine, you will experience exceptional performance like you never have before. Through regular use and wear-and-tear, you may come across a few issues with your system. If your pump suddenly quits working, follow the below troubleshooting tips.

How to Troubleshoot our AirDog Pump

If your pump quits working, the first thing you want to do is verify that the power and ground leads are connected correctly, with no bare spots. If all connections are good, check that power is properly flowing to the pump. It is suggested that you use a multi-meter; otherwise, you will need to jump the wires in the relay base. Do not entirely start the engine.

Check that the fuse is good in the wiring harness. If the fuse is good, your issue may be with the relay trigger wires or their connection. Double check them again.

You also want to ensure the relay is working correctly. To test, use a multi-meter set to DC 12V to check power to pin 87; it should pull 12 volts to this pin. If it does, test power to pin 85; if there is power to this pin, check continuity to pin 86. If all these check out good, put a jumper wire from pin 87 to pin 30; if the motor runs, the relay is bad – replace the relay. If the unit does not run with a jumper wire, you may need to have the wiring harness replaced, if you are unable to get the engine to start.

For a full list of troubleshooting tips, visit our website at AirDogDiesel.com. We are dedicated to providing exceptional service and information for all customers. If you are experiencing any problem with your system, feel free to reach out to our customer service team by calling 1-877-463-4373.

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    • Diane


      An air leak in the system would be about the only thing that I can think of that would cause a fluctuation of pressure. That being said the AirDog is not capable of pressures anywhere near 168 lbs. I would say you definitely have another issue, possibly a bad gauge. The AirDog is going to max out around 30 lbs.
      You have reached our HD division. Not sure what your application is, but if it is a pick-up truck, this is the number to call for light duty tech support…317-421-3180.



      • Josh

        Thanks I’ll look into the gauge if they can’t even produce that kind of pressure I’m sure that’s it

  1. Dean Brown

    I have an air dog 150 stopped working. I had it installed at a diesel shop a few years ago and he said that he can’t do anything about it. I thought these things had an awesome warranty? Is there anything I can do short of having to buy a new one?

    • Diane

      Hello Dean
      Sorry to hear that you are having problems with your system. You are correct, the AirDog fuel systems do have an awesome warranty. If it is a light duty unit, for a pick-up truck, the system comes with a lifetime warranty, provided that the warranty card was filled out and returned. If it is a unit for a semi, then the warranty is a 4 year warranty, again provided that the warranty card was returned to us. If teh warranty card was not returned, both systems revert back to a 1 year warranty, with receipt.
      If the unit is a HD unit for a semi, please contact us at 573-635-0555. We will gladly trouble shoot and help get you back up and running. If it is a light truck system, please call 317-421-3180. They will gladly assist you as well.
      Thank you, and we hope to speak with you soon.

  2. Wayne Austin

    Just wanted to say, thanks for the help.was in a bad way with a 98 Dodge Ram, called your Tech Support, left my number with a Nice Lady, and with in 10 minutes got a call from a Gentleman by name of Lance, he helped out in diagnosis of the Air Dog not working, turned out the Relay went out.I had 4 of them in my Jeep for Lights, got it to run the motor, we bleed the Fuel, and it Fired up… Thanks Air Dog & Lance for his knowledge and Patience..Job Well Done

  3. Sean

    Question, is the 4G 165 pump for a 2016 Silverado 2500HD duramax a flow throigh design in case the pump ever quits that I can still drive the truck or will I have to switch all of the lines back to the stock position to get fuel back to the motor??

    • Diane

      Hello Sean,

      Our company handles the Heavy Duty market and our partner company, PureFlow AirDog, handles the Light Duty market. Your message has been forwarded to them, so they should be in touch with you soon. If you would like to contact them, their phone number is 877-421-3187 and their website is https://pureflowairdog.com/

      Thank you,

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