What to Do if Your AirDog Pump Quits

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When you have the PureFlow™ AirDog diesel fuel system for your diesel engine, you will experience exceptional performance like you never have before. Through regular use and wear-and-tear, you may come across a few issues with your system. If your pump suddenly quits working, follow the below troubleshooting tips.

How to Troubleshoot our AirDog Pump

If your pump quits working, the first thing you want to do is verify that the power and ground leads are connected correctly, with no bare spots. If all connections are good, check that power is properly flowing to the pump. It is suggested that you use a multi-meter; otherwise, you will need to jump the wires in the relay base. Do not entirely start the engine.

Check that the fuse is good in the wiring harness. If the fuse is good, your issue may be with the relay trigger wires or their connection. Double check them again.

You also want to ensure the relay is working correctly. To test, use a multi-meter set to DC 12V to check power to pin 87; it should pull 12 volts to this pin. If it does, test power to pin 85; if there is power to this pin, check continuity to pin 86. If all these check out good, put a jumper wire from pin 87 to pin 30; if the motor runs, the relay is bad – replace the relay. If the unit does not run with a jumper wire, you may need to have the wiring harness replaced, if you are unable to get the engine to start.

For a full list of troubleshooting tips, visit our website at AirDogDiesel.com. We are dedicated to providing exceptional service and information for all customers. If you are experiencing any problem with your system, feel free to reach out to our customer service team by calling 1-877-463-4373.

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