The Importance of Diesel Fuel Quality

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For your diesel engine to properly function, the quality of the fuel needs to be top-notch. Clean fuel is an essential component of the longevity of your engine, as well as its performance and reliability. Dirt can be detrimental to your diesel engine, and it can easily find its way into your fuel if you are not careful.

Though the components of your engine, such as the oil, fuel, an air filter, can help keep fuel clean, the quality of the fuel itself will make the filter’s job easier or more difficult. When your oil is filled with many different contaminants, it can cause the filer to clog faster or become damaged. Once these contaminants build up, it can restrict oil flow and reduce pressure, leading to accelerated wear of the bearings, crank, and camshaft.

Water is also your diesel fuel’s greatest enemy. When water enters the fuel tank, it separates from the fuel and settles at the bottom. The fuel pickup will then pull water and fuel together, reducing engine performance. Water also contributes to microbial growth within the fuel, which can drastically hinder the engine’s overall performance as well.

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