How a Diesel Fuel Injection System Works

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The function of a diesel fuel injection system is to make sure that a precise amount of atomized and pressurized fuel is injected into each engine cylinder at the proper time. Unlike with a gasoline engine, there is no electrical spark–instead, combustion takes place when the rush of fuel is mixed with the hot compressed air.

There are actually four primary systems involved in injecting fuel into your engine. They include an individual pump and injector for each cylinder, a combined pump and injector for each cylinder, one pump serving injectors for several cylinders, and pumps in a common housing with injectors for each cylinder. This last system is rapidly gaining popularity for on-road applications while the in-line and distributor types are the ones most often associated with industrial machines and off-road vehicles. No matter which type of system your machine has, however, it is important to understand just how important this component is to delivering peak performance. Without the proper disbursement of fuel, your engine simply won’t be optimized for performance, which can mean higher costs in fuel, repairs, and maintenance. Understanding your system helps you enjoy better power and fuel economy, decreased engine noise, and smoother operation.

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