Shannon W.
Jefferson City, MO
There is a noticeable difference on acceleration and especially when driving on the open road. Highway driving was getting 19 mpg. Now with the AirDog, it’s getting 23 mpg.

Lawn Care Service
Jefferson City, MO
Our utility truck was at best making it through the workday; we were looking for something to help with low power. After the installation of the AirDog, we found an enormous gain in power and I can’t stop grinning every time I drive it. You may not need this kind of power to get from one job to the next when cutting grass, but you do need it when delivering heavy loads over hilly streets and highways to customers. AirDog gives you the power to get there on schedule and reduce fuel costs at the same time!

Lonnie B.
Bartlett, IL
Now after I installed my AirDog, my last 800 mile fill, I got 7.4 mpg. Current fuel mileage is up .4 mpg and shifting much less now with the AirDog installed. When the truck was in a Volvo shop, the shop service manager commented about how smooth the engine sounded. He was quite impressed.

George Malone
Dow City, IA
I have seen great fuel mileage improvements, as my prior average fuel consumption was in the mid 6’s. My last two tanks were 7.2 and 7.9, which is the most I have ever gotten!

Dennis B.
Sioux Falls, SD
Before AirDog, there was constant reoccurring engine codes, fuel de-rating and low power. After the installation of the AirDog, none of these problems have reoccurred. The engine regained the power it was designed to have and picked up .2 to .3 mpg. Plus, it has completely eliminated any air locking during filter changes and has over 35,000 miles on the fuel filter.

Ken S.
Loogootee, IN
Original MPG was 6.8 average. After the installation of the AirDog, achieved 7.99 average.

Steve F.
Wesley, IA
Average mpg was 6.0. After the installation there was a gain of .5 mpg and enormous power gain. The first trip felt like a race car.

Kendal H.
I have a 1997 Series 60 Detroit that was getting only 5.5 mpg. After installing the AirDog my fuel mileage increased to an unbelievable 7.1 mpg! I would recommend the AirDog to everyone!

CW Diesel Specialist
Oklahoma City, OK
Directly after installation, the typical gains were not as noticeable. The team drivers left for California from Oklahoma City with a prior average fuel mileage of 6.8. After returning from CA, the new average was 7.8 – a new all-time high for this rig! We are also monitoring the DPF Regeneration and will have additional factual data in lowering the amount of cycles needed.

Millard Trucking
Grand Island, NE
After updating to the 4G HD AirDog, I picked up an additional .5 mpg over the original increases. We are truly impressed with the product and telling everyone about it.