AirDog® Champ™ High-Pressure Fuel Air Separator

Regardless of the type of fuel injection system your engine has, it will never perform at the designed efficiency with air and vapor entrained in the fuel. Air and vapor present in fuel contribute to increased fuel consumption and exhaust emissions, a loss of power, rough idle, and shortened injector life. The AirDog® Champ™ High-Pressure Fuel Air Separator removes air and vapor from fuel and helps the engine perform as intended. Benefits include improvements in fuel economy, increased power output, smoother idle, and longer injector life.

AirDog® Champ™ High-Pressure systems do not have an integrated fuel pump but rather use the engine’s transfer pump for fuel flow, remove air and vapor from the fuel supply, and filter to 6-microns. The Champ™ mounts easily on the vehicle frame and is installed in the pressure supply line between the engine transfer pump and the engine. The separated air and vapor are returned to the fuel tank via a tee in the engine’s fuel return line. AirDog® Champ™ systems are currently available for most on-highway and off-highway diesel engines that include engine transfer pumps with which the Champ™ system can be plumbed in-line.

See the list below for the engine-specific Champ™ system for your application. Didn’t see what you’re looking for? PureFlow™ Technologies, Inc., also offers universal kits, which are adaptable to almost any commercially available diesel engine in service for trucking, industrial, off-highway (agriculture, mining, and construction), marine, and other applications. If you have any questions about our AirDog® Champ™ system or other products, please call 1-877-463-4373 or email

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