The AirDog Fuel Preporator is a fantastic machine to help ensure maximum performance from your diesel engines. Making the switch to diesel fuel is a great way to go green and reduce your carbon footprint, and it has been proven to be much more energy efficient than gasoline. The PureFlow AirDog is the perfect equipment for any motorist looking to get the most out of their engine.

At PureFlow™ Technologies, Inc., we have developed the AirDog to help motorists focus more on the task at hand and less on repairing and maintaining their engine. Not only is diesel fuel the more environmentally conscious option, but it is also more cost-effective. With the AirDog Fuel Preporator, you will be able to get the best mileage possible with your engine to ensure safe travels wherever you go.

The PureFlow AirDog is a must-have for trucking companies, small fleets, diesel shops and dealers, and agricultural industries. If you are interested in learning more about the AirDog, contact us today at 1-877-463-4373. Below are additional facts about the benefits of diesel fuel.

Cummins Service Topic 5-135

“Like water diesel fuel contains a certain amount of dissolved air in it depending upon the fuel temperature, and the amount of agitation and aeration the fuel has been subjected to.”

Caterpillar; Special Instructions 651-1250

“Normally no. 2 diesel fuel contains about 10% air … This instruction describes the use of the 2p8278 fuel flow tube to observe the fuel flow and determine engines power loss due to excessive air in the fuel.”

Caterpillar Bulletin pehp 7046

“Injector damage can be caused by anything in your fuel system that should not be there including … air bubbles.”

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