AirDog® FPII 4G Fuel Air Separation System

When you are ready to optimize your heavy-duty diesel system, to perform at peak efficiency, look no further than AirDog® Heavy Duty Diesel Fuel Systems, manufactured by PureFlow™ Technologies, Inc., in the heart of Missouri.

Many AirDog® products are designed specifically for the most popular commercial and industrial diesel engines. See the list below for the engine-specific system for your application. Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for? PureFlow™ also offers Universal Kits, in various pump pressures and flows, adaptable to almost any commercially available diesel engines in service for trucking, industrial, off-highway (agriculture, mining, and construction), marine, and other applications.

All of our products are designed specifically for many of the most popular diesel engines manufactured in the US. We pride ourselves on our superior customer service and complete kits available to our customers. When you are looking to reduce the effects of fuel tank sloshing, improve engine performance, and provide superior filtration of fuel to your engine, the AirDog® fuel pressure system is what you need.

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The Pre-Combustion Solution for Maximum Engine Efficiency! The AirDog® FPII 4G Fuel Air Separation System is the state of the art fuel processor that removes, not only water and particulate contaminates from the fuel flow to the engine, but most importantly, it removes the entrained air and vapor. Additionally, the AirDog® maintains the necessary net positive pressure to the engine fuel pump to prevent cavitation and the formation of vapor. The dual-port design feeds the gerotor from both sides, which hydraulically balances the outer gear. These special features provide the quietest and most durable fuel pumps on the market. The dash-mounted indicator light, lets you know when to change the filter without waste of filter life or fuel economy. No more guessing! The stainless steel adjustable pressure regulator is part of the demand flow system that recycles the fuel not needed by the engine back to the water separator and through the filter for continuous multi-pass filtration. The patented AirDog® is the only fuel air separation system with third-party verified positive air separation. Our patented air bleed port vents the separated air and vapor from the fuel with a barely measurable pressure drop or loss of flow. The AirDog® air and vapor return line connects to the engine return line with engine specific fittings, making installation quick, easy, and cost-effective.

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