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The Pre-Combustion Solution for Maximum Engine Efficiency! Air and Vapor degrade diesel engine fuel economy, performance and increase maintenance cost. Regardless of the type of injection system that your engine has it will never perform at the designed efficiency level with air and vapor present in the fuel! The most noticeable results of air and vapor in fuel are increased fuel consumption, loss of power, and rough idle. The Champ removes the air/vapor from the fuel and allows the engine perform as intended. Benefits include Better Fuel Economy, Increased Power Output, Smooth Idle, and Longer Injector Life! Average MPG increase for engines with the AirDog® Champ installed typically range from .3 to .6 MPG. The Champ A6HSMA660 is a high pressure fuel air separator for the Mack engines. This unit mounts easily on the vehicle frame and is installed in the pressure supply line between transfer pump and the engine. The air and vapor return line connects to the existing engine return line with typical engine specific fittings that are included with the system.

This kit includes 1 AirDog® Champ with AirDog® FF200-MG-6 Filter, Universal Sandwich Mount Brackets (No drilling required in most cases.) Engine Specific fittings (all fittings needed in most cases)

Pressure hoses will be needed for the supply line into the Champ and out of the Champ, the length varies by application and truck make / model. We offer the AirDog® Champ Installation Hose and Fitting Kit # 960-01-0001 which will cover most installations.


The Champ I uses the AirDog® FF200-MG-6 or equivalent fuel filter.                                                                                                                    JEA 8/17


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