AirDog® Champ II Spin-On Detroit Series 60 (1987-2009)


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The Pre-Combustion Solution for Maximum Engine Efficiency! Air and vapor degrade diesel engine fuel economy, performance, and increase maintenance cost. Regardless of the type of injection system that your engine has, it will never perform at the designed efficiency level with air and vapor present in the fuel. The most noticeable results of air/vapor in fuel are increased fuel consumption, increased exhaust emissions, loss of power, and rough idle. Remove the air and vapor from the fuel and the engine will perform as never before. Benefits include Better Fuel Economy, Cleaner Exhaust, Increased Power Output, Smooth Idle, and more! Fuel mileage increases for Detroit 60 Series engines have been from .3 MPG to .6 MPG. The Champ II Model A7SODE730 is a high pressure ”spin-on” fuel air separator for the Detroit 60 Series engine equipped with an engine mounted secondary filter. This unit mounts easily on the secondary fuel filter head. Simply remove the filter, spin on the Champ II Model A7SODE730, replace the fuel filter and then install the return line. The air and vapor return line connects to the engine return line with special fittings that are included with the system.

NOT INCLUDED: Filter Bases and Head (Sold Separately)

IMPORTANT: Not all Detroit 60 Series engines are equipped with an engine mounted secondary filter head. If this is the case, one can be added to accommodate the Champ II spin-on or you can use the AirDog® Champ frame mount unit.

This Champ II uses the AirDog® FF200-MG-6 fuel filter.

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