Numerous universities and private laboratories, including the following, have tested the Fuel Preporator® fuel air separation system.

Improves Performance!

Fuel Air Separation Tested and Confirmed
by University of Illinois College of Engineering

Increased Power Output Confirmed
through ISO 8178 8 Mode Testing by U of W.Va.
Torque Rise Off Idle Increased by 106%, & Peak Torque by 6%
Olsen Ecological Labs (A CARB & EPA Certified Lab) under ISO 8178 8 Mode Test Criterion

Improved Military Hummer Performance Confirmed
by Missouri University/Rolla Testing with the AirDog


Reduces Exhaust Emissions!

HC (Hydro Carbons) Reduced
“Snap Idle” Opacity down by 29% to 87.9%

California Air Resources Board SAE-J1667 Stack Test
Opacity Reduced 48.9% on Perkins 210 diesel engine in 2002 Demag Crane!
With Stock Fuel System, Opacity 3 snap average was 38.9%, with the AirDog it was 20.3%

Total DPM (Diesel Particulate Matter)
Reduced by 8.57%
NOX Reduced by 31%
CO Reduced by 82.7%


Tests Performed

Test was performed on a Freighliner with a Cummins N-14

  • Fuel Consumption improved .8 mpg
  • Increased torque range of engine resulted in improved trip % distance at max speed of 5.39% this increased driver efficiency (reduced trip drive time) by increasing average drive speed from 48.56 mph to 52.23 mph. Net driving time saved on trip of 9,522.5 miles was 13.79 hours. Equating to 720 additional revenue miles driven without increasing hours on drivers log.
  • The test truck had 208,794 miles on its odometer. If the AirDog had been installed on the tractor from its original service date, a reduction of 302.1 log hours of driving time could have been realized, or an additional 15,778 revenue miles could have been achieved, assuming an average speed of 52.23 mph.


Olsen Ecological Lab | Fullerton, CA Download Vineyard Report Download Olsen Eco-Logic Test

Japanese Ministry of Transportation | Tokyo View Report


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