Zeke B.
Aurora, CO
The last three years of operating my 2010 550hp ISX with a FASS, my average economy was 7.2. I was hoping to have some fuel increase from switching to the AirDog, but couldn’t imagine the actual gains I was going to receive. My fuel economy, with the AirDog has jumped to 8.5-9.1, plus the microprocessor filter monitor separator. Way to go AirDog!

Mike L.
No longer have to down shift going up hills in my area. Engine is extremely quiet compared to before the AirDog.

Kansas City, MO
Our AirDog test shows an increase of .51 mpg or a daily savings of $27.15, this equates to over $7,000 annually.

Charlie L.
Shakopee, MN
Right after it was installed, there was an immediate change in the engine performance – less down shifting, less smoke and overall more power. I had to relearn how to drive it with the extra power and my first tank went from 6.87 to 7.41. Even if there was no mileage gain, I had no plans on returning this before the 90 days just for the performance that was gained. Lunch for the AirDog team is on me!

Buck A.
Redfield, SD
ISX15 Common Rail Cummins
Has had AirDog on trucks, with great success, for 12+ years. After installing the AirDog, there has been an increase in fuel economy from 4.5-4.8 mpg to 5.4-5.8 mpg, as well as a reduction in usage of about 10%.

Shawn W.
Indianapolis, IN
Wish I would have purchased the AirDog sooner! I’ve picked up 0.4 of a mile per gallon since installing the AirDog. Love your product!

Jim O.
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
I have been in the trucking industry for over 20 years and currently operate a 1993 KW with a N14. My runs are coast to coast in Canada at 118,000 lbs and the 48 states loaded at 80,000 lbs with an average mpg of 5.5. (With the AirDog), it now is 6.0 and gained 25hp. The engine runs smoother and great acceleration! If you enjoy top performance or think you’ve forgotten what performance was, then AirDog is the way to go!

Will Smith
Smith Trucking Co.
After installing Champ units on two of our Peterbuilts with Cummins ISX 450 hp, we have seen a fuel mileage increase of 0.4 mpg. Since then, we have installed the Champs on our whole fleet. Our trucks are mostly California team trucks. With the miles that our trucks run, we are seeing a savings of around 175.00 per week per truck at today’s fuel prices.

Cummins ISX 15 Common Rail

Cummins ISX 15 Common Rail

I installed an AirDog® to my ISX15 about 3 months ago. After installing the AirDog® system I realized an increase in fuel economy from 4.5 MPG to 5.4 MPG. Additionally, I experienced a reduction in “Urea” usage of about 10%.
Buck A. Redfield, SD

Air Dog