AirDog® Has the Solution for Your Diesel Fuel Systems

One of the major hindrances to consistent and fuel-efficient horsepower in your vehicle’s diesel fuel system is air and vapor in the fuel. Why is this? When air bubbles or vapor are present in your diesel fuel delivery system, fuel injection is delayed. This delay happens because the fuel cannot be injected until the air and vapor are compressed to the correct fuel injection pressure. This delayed injection will result in a delayed ignition, loss of power, and unburned fuel exiting the exhaust in the form of black soot and smoke.

How is this? Two words: tank slosh. Tank slosh is the natural movement of diesel fuel within a tank that happens when the vehicle is in motion. This motion stirs up the fuel into a bubbly froth, adding an excessive amount of vapor into the fuel. See the video below to see tank slosh in action.

Another major contributor to lost efficiency in the diesel fuel system is pump cavitation, largely caused by the negative pressure (vacuum) created by the engine transfer pump pulling fuel from the fuel tank. Drawing fuel under vacuum means the fuel pump is pulling at negative pressure, which causes the formation of vapor in fuel, and can starve the engine for fuel, especially during hard accelerations. When air or vapor is forced into the injectors, the lack of diesel fuel also means the lubrication needed to maintain healthy fuel injectors is missing. This results in metal on metal contact which shortens the functional life of your injectors. The AirDog® integrated fuel pump works as a lift pump, drawing fuel from the tank, relieving the burden of “draw” on the engine transfer pump, and feeding the engine pump with adequate positive pressure. The AirDog® prevents vapor from forming in the delivery system by feeding appropriate positive pressure to the engine’s system.

To eliminate and remedy these problems, AirDog® Heavy Duty Diesel Fuel Systems has created the first-ever, and still the best, diesel fuel system that removes air, vapor, and contaminants from the fuel before it gets to the injectors.

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