See the AirDog®’s Fuel Preporator® remove air from the fuel in a model of a typical diesel fuel system. Charles Ekstam, the inventor, walks you through the demonstration.


The entrained air/vapor is removed from the fuel flow before the fuel passes through the filter media. The separated air and vapor is then returned to the fuel tank.


The Industrial AirDog®, with the 4G-HD pump is our most advanced system to date.


The 4G-HD (4th generation heavy duty) pump!

Where as the older pump design integrated the motor with the pump, the 4G pump has the motor and pump assembly as two separate units that mate together. The motor face matches the pump face with the shafts connecting through a “Butterfly” socket. This allows the motor to be removed and replaced in literally, a matter of minutes. A bushing in the “Butterfly Socket” prevents metal on metal contact of the two shafts and extremely quiet operation.

“Vacu” Seal Technology!

All AirDog® pump system’s shaft seals operate under vacuum instead of pressure. This eliminates pressure in the seal bore and extends the useful life of the seal, which also increases the life of the pump.

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