Algae Growth in Fuel

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Microorganisms, such as algae, can grow inside of your diesel fuel. When these microorganisms get into your fuel storage tanks, it can have detrimental effects on your fuel system. Algae growth in fuel is quite common, especially in a tank where new fuel is not frequently cycling through the system. Similar to how algae begin to grow in stagnant water, stagnant fuel is also subject to bacteria and other microorganism growth.

Though this growth can be remedied, it is a long process to rid your fuel tank of the algae. You want to add a biocide or slimicide to the fuel. These chemicals are meant to control bacteria and fungi growth, which will help to target the algae. Once the fuel has been treated, the algae will slowly but surely make its way out of the tank. You will most likely need to conduct numerous cycles of fuel filter changes as the growth is gradually removed from the fuel.

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