Super impressed with this product! The system works excellent! Truck has never ran this good. Quick and easier starts, smooth idle, reduced smoking, better throttle response, and improved mileage.

Jayson Corell
Jamestown, ND

1999 Detroit Diesel 500 HP

1999 Detroit Diesel 500 HP

Well, who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? I have 21 year old Swede with over 2 million miles on a 500 hp Detroit. My truck never ran better! The increased fuel pressure gives me a better throttle response. Engine vibration is minimalized because of less restriction in the delivery system. The fuel is filtered down to 6 microns, which means a better spray pattern for the injectors. If you’re going to keep your truck, then this is the first choice in making your engine perform better. My return on smiles is back!

Lawrence Armstrong
LJ Rogers Trucking
Mebane, NC

Original MPG was 6.8 average. After the installation of the AirDog, achieved 7.99 average.

Ken S.
Loogootee, IN

Average mpg was 6.0. After the installation, there was a gain of .5 mpg and enormous power gain. The first trip felt like a race car.

Steve F.
Wesley, IA

1997 Detroit Series 60

1997 Detroit Series 60

I have a 1997 Series 60 Detroit that was getting only 5.5 mpg. After installing the AirDog, my fuel mileage increased to an unbelievable 7.1 mpg! I would recommend the AirDog to everyone!

Kendal H.

Directly after installation, the typical gains were not as noticeable. The team drivers left for California from Oklahoma City with a prior average fuel mileage of 6.8. After returning from CA, the new average was 7.8 – a new all-time high for this rig! We are also monitoring the DPF Regeneration and will have additional factual data in lowering the amount of cycles needed.

CW Diesel Specialist
Oklahoma City, OK

After updating to the 4G HD AirDog, I picked up an additional .5 mpg over the original increases. We are truly impressed with the product and telling everyone about it.

Millard Trucking
Grand Island, NE

500 Detroit Series 60

500 Detroit Series 60

We installed the AirDog fuel air separation unit on our customer’s 500 Detroit 60 series. We had previously installed a K&N filter, Bully dog heavy duty gauge tuner and a Bully dog exhaust manifold, which brought the customer’s fuel mileage from 5.4 up to 6.2 mpg and overall horsepower up to 550 and 1811 fp of torque. Once making a run on our chassis dyno, we quickly realized how much was gained by installing the AirDog system. HP went to 569 and torque jumped to a staggering 1888 fp. The customer then left out on his first run of 3,000 miles just to return and report even more gains regarding the fuel mileage. It now sits at 6.7 mpg, so overall gains after the installation were 19 hp, 77 ft/pds torque and .5 mpg fuel mileage improvement.

Chris Coleman
L&N Truck Service
Ellenwood, GA