A6HSDE630: AirDog® Champ™ Detroit Series 60 12.7L (1987-2002)

A6HSDE630: AirDog® Champ™ Detroit Series 60 12.7L (1987-2002)


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This kit includes (1) AirDog® Champ™, (1) AirDog® FF200-MG-6 Filter, (2) Mounting Brackets with Hardware, and (1) Detroit Series 60 12.7L (1987-2002) Engine-Specific Fittings (all fittings needed in most cases).

Pressure hoses will be needed for the supply line into the Champ™ and out of the Champ™ – the length varies by application and truck make/model. We offer the AirDog® Champ™ Fuel Line Kit (Part # FLK-CHP), which will cover most installations.

Other Optional Kits Available:
Performance Upgrade Kit – Detroit Diesel Series 60® Secondary Fuel System Upgrade Kit (Part # UPG-DEFS): This kit includes steel braid fuel line and provides maximum improved performance for your Detroit Diesel Series 60® Engine (1987-2009).
Sandwich Mount Bracket Kit (Part # SBK-1000): This kit includes (3) sandwich mounting plates and all needed hardware. The sandwich bracket slides right over the existing frame with no drilling required.

The Champ™ uses the AirDog® FF200-MG-6 or equivalent fuel filter. For maximum performance, use of the PureFlow™ FF200-MG-6 is recommended, as the filter was designed for use with the AirDog® and Champ™ systems. For filter cross reference info, click here.

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Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 6 × 6 in

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