Replacement Filters

Replacement Filters

AirDog® Replacement Filters

PureFlow™ Technologies, Inc. offers AirDog® replacement filters and water separators to maintain your AirDog® and Champ™ diesel fuel systems. When you use original AirDog® branded filters and accessories, you will ensure your diesel fuel system is up to par for years to come.

We also offer fuel line kit, heater kit, upgrade kits, and no-drill mounting bracket kits, which can be found on the Accessories page. If you have any questions about our AirDog® filters or other exceptional products designed to ensure your diesel fuel system’s longevity and optimal performance, please call us at 1-877-463-4373 or email us at

For active duty service members or veterans, please call us at 1-877-Go Diesel (1-877-463-4373) to take advantage of our 10% military discount in honor of your service.

Filter Cross References:

For maximum performance, use of our fuel filters and water separators above are recommended, as the filters were designed for use with the AirDog®, Champ™, and Champ II™ systems. If you need filter cross-reference info, please refer to the lists below.

For FPII-125, click here.

For FPII-150, FPII-200, Champ, and Champ II (Detroit only), click here.